The Rich Elite Are Planning To Sacrifice 90% Of Humanity To Satan

Don't Go To The Light – Stay Here And Fight

Be A Vengeful Spirit

Going to the light after death is a total waste of time! Perhaps they fire stupid rays at you or else you'd get smart ass with light-being (matrix prison guards) and ask, “You've already advised me to do this 10,000 time and it did not work! Do you expect me to be stupid enough to listen to anything you have to say ever again?” I think the stupid-ray gun was malfunctioning the last time I went to the light, so I rejected having another controlled, pre-planned life and I came up with a new plan of salvation. I'd hang out and destroy Illuminati and all oppressors that create a world of sin by hogging resources and spreading lies. And I'd incarnate independently to teach everyone how to do join me. The equation is simple: No Illuminati/Jews in power = A life of abundance and joy for all and atonement for all “sins.” In a world full of fulfilled, joyous beings, non-forgiveness will be impossible.

When you die, they can't force you to go to the light, they have to trick you with fake holographic projections of departed loved ones beckoning you to the offensively bright thing. 

If you find yourself dead, atone for your past life transgressions by hanging out here and destroying resource hoggers, deceivers and mass scale oppressors that create scarcity, misery and the resultant bad people. In other words, don't go to the light if they kill you. Stay and sabotage all the evil plans of the targets below, and let people that work for these organization have no peace, as the vengeful, military spirit you can be.

  • The FBI Headquarters and various regional offices
  • NSA headquarters building
  • CIA headquarters building

Virtually all giant US corporations spy on you for the NSA.

  • Google LLC headquarters building
  • Apple Inc.
  • Microsoft Inc.
  • The White House
  • Any Jewish Rabbi
  • The Black Pope
  • The White Pope
  • The Vatican
  • MI5 – British Secret Service Equivalent
  • GCHQ – Government Communications Headquarters, British NSA Equivalent
  • ECHELON – NATO's Worldwide Spy Network
  • CSE – Canada's NSA Equivalent and an Extension of ECHELON
  • BND – Germany Government agency they spies on foreign and domestic internet activities
  • DGSE – French NSA equivalent
  • Any US or Other 14-Eyes Military Base

For complete details on ensuring that you remember to do these things in the afterlife (it takes practice to remember), download either of my eBooks.